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Automate Your Discovery Process with X-Analysis

There is still time to register for the X-Analysis webinar "Know your applications, reduce your risk", hosted by Able-One Systems in collaboration with Fresche Solutions

Still not convinced X-Analyisis can help?

To automate the discovery process, Royal Caribbean purchased X-Analysis from Fresche Legacy to define the system inventory.

Find out how one of the world's largest cruise lines is altering its 20 year old applications and database development processes in preparation for the next 20 years of business goals! 

Click Here to View The Case Study

X-Analysis for Royal Caribbean: 

  • Ensures a well-managed development environment 
  • Provides complete, automated impact analysis and documentation 

Many developers still spend over 50% of their time understanding their applications before they are able to enhance them! 


Learn How X-Analysis Can:

  • Vastly improve the productivity of your IT staff
  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs 
  • Quickly maximize the business value of your applications.

Please join us 

October 27, 2016 

2:00pm EST 

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Your Speaker

Ray Everhart 

Senior IBM i Analyst, X-Analysis Product Manager

Ray has spent years helping IBM i companies by assessing their RPG, COBOL and CA 2E (Synon) applications and processes to improve business outcomes. As Product Manager for X-Analysis, he works closely with IBM i customers to understand their business goals and technical needs in order to drive innovation within the product suite.

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What is the API Economy? (Infographic)




To learn more, join us at our webinar on the API Economy, September 22nd, from 2 PM - 3 PM (EST)



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The Value of Disaster Recovery - Contrans Group

A flexible and affordable business continuity plan, particularly one that addresses system redundancy and accessibility, while ensuring that the worst case scenario is looked after… is a an investment that a business takes to ensure a peace of mind and credibility. Beyond being looked at as worst-case scenario plan, or “the likelihood of this happening is slim to none”, a business can affirm its dedication to excellent service, above all to its customers, through a well-constructed disaster recovery solution.

Working with Rocket Software, Able-One implemented the iCluster replication software on Contrans’ production and high availability servers. Contrans is one of the largest freight transportation companies in Canada, with approximately 1,500 power units and 2,600 trailers under its management. The implemented software replicates transactions in real time so that data is consistent on both servers.  In the event of a disaster, the backup server can be used for production with minimal loss of data. It can also be used to provide ongoing operations during periods of planned outage. Shortly after the disaster recovery solution was put in place for their production AS/400, Contrans Group Inc. experienced a complete loss of their main computer room through a water leak.




After implementing their Disaster Recovery/High Availability (DR/HA) solution Contrans was able to switch users to their backup system and get everything up and running within a couple of hours, with only minimal data loss.  Darren Levine, Contrans’ IT Director said: “This was about as massive an impact to an IT infrastructure as you can have.  But our customers didn’t even realize we’d had an outage”.

During this project Able-One managed two cutovers: they installed the new production server in Contrans’ newly built computer room, and restored the backup server, including rolling over all applications and migrating data.  With the Rocket iCluster software on production and DR/HA servers, Contrans can now rely on the availability of their data and applications.  From their experience, they know their data is in sync and users can be moved to their backup system with minimal business disruption.

Darren adds, “This was our first project with Able-One:  they lived up to our expectations and I would absolutely recommend them.  They’re very responsive and agile, and they understand what we were trying to accomplish.”

Find out how exactly Able-One Systems helped Contrans avoid disaster. Download the full story here

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Able-One Helps Kraus Flooring Save Money While Improving Server Reliability

As they grow, many organizations struggle with the challenges presented by separate locations and siloed business operations.  Kraus Flooring was facing this issue with separate servers in Waterloo and Winnipeg, each of which dealt with a different aspect of the business – which would switch back to the head office in the event of a failure.  This was aggravated by the fact that they were experiencing power reliability issues at the same head office, which was impacting their ability to provide consistent computing resources for the business, or handle disaster recovery effectively. They knew they needed to:




  • Create more robust, high-performance computing resources for their organization, while staying in budget.
  • Reduce the costs associated with running aging servers in separate locations.
  • Improve reliability and availability of their computing resources.
  • Create redundancy and disaster recovery for their business operations.

Able-One implemented an IBM power server configured with two logical partitions, modelled and sized to support the needs of their Winnipeg and Waterloo workloads. In addition, they consolidated Kraus’s x86 environment using VMware and shared storage.  The new power server was deployed in Able-One’s co-location facility in their London data center, which has the fire suppression, cooling, power and security measures that can be costly to implement in a customer’s computer room – and especially to duplicate in multiple locations. Able-One managed the entire project end-to-end, including migrating each of the server workloads to its partition on the power server in the data center.

With their new server consolidation in Able-One’s co-location facility, Kraus Flooring has achieved the economy of scale and reliability they sought.

Find out how exactly Able-One Systems helped Kraus Flooring achieve their goals. Download the full story here. 

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