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No IT system or application should be assumed to be completely secure, and no single product, service or security measure can be single-handedly foolproof  in preventing improper use or access. Not even the IBM Power i (AS/400). Security should be top of mind across the enterprise, and come with a mandate from senior management.

Is My IBM i Secure Right Out Of The Box?

The IBM i is highly securable, and for the most part, ships secure. However, many administrators make systems changes without fully understanding the effects of the changes they are making, which could result in exposing their system to increased risk.

Have you done this on your systems?

Tune Into This Webinar To Learn:

  • Some common misconceptions about IBM i Security
  • How an IBM i security assessment can help?
  • What are some common risks found during assessment projects with real customers
  • How can these risks be addressed to make your systems more secure
the quality or state of being secure
protected from risk of danger or harm
capable of being secured from risk of danger
or harm

Today, 80 percent of cyber-attacks originate from well-organized criminal groups.

Savvy companies know that in today’s data-driven, highly distributed world, there are serious threats that must be addressed head-on. For many of you the IBM Power i (AS/400) is, has been, and will continue to be the backbone of your company. But as you look to take advantage of modern applications in mobility, E-commerce, analytics, etc. you have to ensure that you are secure.



brian olson

Brian Olson

Director, IBM Power Server and Security Solutions
Able-One Systems

Kicking off the discussion will be Brian Olson, Director of Power Systems and Security at Able-One Systems. Brian has been working with Canadian IBM Power i customers for 15 years providing security assessments and solutions.


Robert D Andrews

Robert D. Andrews

Senior Managing Consultant

Our keynote speaker is Robert D. Andrews from IBM. Robert Andrews is a Managing Consultant specializing in security and high-performance computing for the IBM Systems Lab Services Power Systems Delivery Practice in Rochester, MN. Robert is a frequent presenter on IBM i security at IBM Conferences and Training events. He has worked on many customer engagements providing IBM i Security consulting expertise and guidance.