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With the explosion of E-Commerce fulfillment and new technologies in mobility and automation, providers in the supply chain industry must adapt to be more competitive and profitable. Planning the digital transformation ahead could be challenging for many.

symbol webinar banner-01.pngThis is the first webinar in a series of 3 that will review:

  • How supply chain transformation dramatically affects productivity and the bottom line! Ex. Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc increased productivity by 25% and saved more than $500,000 
  • Defining your current state of technology integration and the path to transform your future.
  • Methodologies to reduce risk and maximize your Return On Investment (Migration, Optimization, & Modernization)
  • How to manage cultural changes and technology adaptation with your workforce

…and Innovation in the supply chain which include:

  • Voice Picking
  • Graphical Environment
  • Orders Process Automation
  • Autonomous Robots

What does this mean for your business?

On average - 30% cost savings and 30% increase in productivity

You should attend if your company is involved in:

  • Warehouse Management 
  • Logistics
  • Supply chain

Only 45 minutes to learn how transforming your data collection can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Register today for the On-Demand webinar!



Presented by:


Mr. Brian Munroe

Executive Associate
Symbol ADC Solutions