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Attention line of business professionals who are looking to make sense of AI (artificial intelligence) and what it means for their business.

You are about to discover why AI without a full understanding of middle-ware, applications, databases, security policy and business process is Artificial Unintelligence.

Join us while we discuss:

  • What we have done with our own support desk (hint: resolved level 1 calls up to 30% faster)
  • What we are seeing in the AI landscape in North America and around the world
  • The benefits of using IBM Watson as your AI platform
  • Understanding how AI, your systems & applications work together
  • Why there is not enough focus on integration of AI solutions with back-end business systems and why this is a dangerous approach


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Radcliffe Dockery

He is now the Director of Digital Transformation at Able-One Systems while
remaining the Director of Sales and Channels at Tekmonks.