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As they grow, many organizations struggle with the challenges presented by separate locations and siloed business operations. Kraus Flooring was facing this issue with separate servers each of which dealt with a different aspect of the business. They knew they needed to:

  • Create more robust, high-performance computing resources for their organization.
  • Stay in budget.
  • Reduce the costs associated with running aging servers in separate locations.
  • Improve reliability and availability of their computing resources.
  • Create redundancy and disaster recovery for their business operations.

With a comprehensive approach, Able-One was able to implement a solution that met Kraus Flooring's needs.

“We’ve worked with Able-One for over 20 years. They’ve gone from being our outsourced IT department, and as we’ve grown, to become a trusted strategic adviser helping us build a strong IT infrastructure to support the business.”

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