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Attention I.T Professionals responsible for managing an IBM Power i (AS400) who are concerned (or should be concerned) about the security of the system.

You’re about to discover the low customer impact & High customer value of the IBM i Risk Assessment, along with some frequently detected risks that have been seen from real customer examples.

Also, we will cover some common misconceptions we have heard from clients regarding their IBM Power i (AS400) security, for example:

  • My users don’t have direct access to data – only through our application menus
  • My IBM i is NOT connected to the outside world and I have firewalls to prevent external access
  • I trust my employees
  • I passed my IT audit so I am fine
  • I don’t have any regulatory compliance requirements like SOX or PCI, so I am good
  • The IBM i is already secure! Why do I need to worry?


brian olson

Brian Olson


Jacques Swanepoel