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The Value of Disaster Recovery - Contrans Group


When they decided to deploy High Availability, Darren made the call to Able-One. He says "While we hadn’t  yet done business with them, Able-One impressed us with proposals they’d made to us in the past, and we knew we wanted to work with them. We had them put together a proposal with two options for our HA solution, and we decided to go with Rocket’s iCluster Replication software.”

Working with Rocket Software, Able-One implemented the iCluster replication software on Contrans’ production and high availability servers. The software replicates transactions in real time so that data is consistent on both servers. In the event of a disaster, the backup server can be used for production with minimal loss of data. It can also be used to provide ongoing operations during periods of planned outage.

A few days later... Contrans was forced to face a major threat to its business continuity.

"...this was about as massive an impact to an IT infrastructure as you can have..."
- Darren Levine, IT Director at Contrans

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