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9 Sources for Enterprise Technology Strategy News

enterprise_technology_blogsThe enterprise technology space is constantly evolving and reading industry news and blogs is one of the best ways to stay on top of the space. Although you may be a subject matter expert in one technology area, such as strategy or security, it’s challenging to be knowledgeable in all areas.

Here are 9 insightful and knowledgeable enterprise technology blogs that can help keep you up-to-date. Browsing these blogs on your daily commute or once a week is a simple way to stay informed on your industry.

1. CIO Online

CIO Online is the premier news site serving IT leaders, as well as the ecosystem that surrounds and interacts with them. This blog is updated on a daily basis and covers topics including big data, cloud, project management, mobile and security. 

2. Forrester Research

Forrester is known for their in-depth research reports, playbooks and insightful industry analysts. Most of these reports are paid, but they have a regularly updated blog with articles from various analysts from their team, including a blog geared towards CIOs and IT leaders.

3. TechRepublic CXO

TechRepublic blog is geared towards IT management and executives to help with bolstering their career paths and the perception of IT in the enterprise. Topics covered on this blog include software, cloud, data centres and hardware.

4. CIO Journal - Wall Street Journal

This online section of the Wall Street Journal has reporting and analysis for corporate-technology executives. Updated on a daily basis, the CIO Journal has commentary on strategy, talent management, security and more.

5. Search CIO – TechTarget

Search CIO is one of many blogs in the TechTarget network of technology sites focused on enterprise technology areas such as virtualization, disaster recovery and risk management.

6. CXO – ZDNet

ZDNet CXO is a general technology blog for CIOs, CEOs, CFOs or CMOs. CXO ZDNet is has good general articles on enterprise technology topics, but it’s less in-depth and specific compared to other blogs that are completely geared towards enterprise technology such as TechTarget above.

7. Security Intelligence – IBM

Security is one of the hottest enterprise technology topics today, partially because of the increasing number of breaches and emerging issues like BYOD. IBM’s official security blog is updated on a regular basis with articles from industry experts on nine major security topics such as infrastructure protection, data protection and mobile security.  

8. IT World Canada

IT World Canada is an online magazine that’s geared towards Canadian IT professionals about a range of enterprise technology areas and issues including privacy, green IT, cloud computing and analytics.

9. TechCrunch Enterprise

Unlike the blogs listed above which deliver analysis on enterprise technology topics, TechCrunch Enterprise delivers news on up-and-coming enterprise technology startups and new enterprise products/services. Keeping an eye on startups and disruptive products is a great way to stay on top of leading edge trends.  

What other blogs would you add to this list?

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5 Resources for Tech Startups in London, Ontario

london_ontarioAble-One is lucky to have offices in two great technology communities in Ontario. Our head office is based in Kitchener, which is one of the premier tech hot beds, not just in Canada, but in the world. We are also happy to have an office in London, an up and coming start-up community. There are many resources available to organizations in London to help them grow and succeed.

1. TechAlliance

TechAlliance is the Regional Innovation Centre for London and surrounding areas as part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs. TechAlliance offers services to help start, grow and connect companies in many industries including digital media, the life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and clean technology. These services include access to valuable expertise, seed funding, educational programs and workshops, industry-specific events, and a comprehensive membership program.

2. Hacker Studios

Hacker Studios is a startup hub, providing both space and support for growing companies, and a place for a community of entrepreneurs to gather. Able-One has an office in London within Hacker Studios. They offer co-working and private office space that’s built to grow.  It is not just the space that helps entrepreneurs grow their business. Hacker Studios offers programs, services, and events that help entrepreneurs build better businesses.

3. Western University

The main initiative at the Western University is Propel. Their mandate is to expose youth to the concepts of entrepreneurship, encourage testing of ideas through hands-on experience, and equip with the resources and skills necessary to succeed. Propel can offer co-working space, mentorship, access to funding, education, training, pitch competitions, and community events.

4. Fanshawe College

The main entrepreneur organization at Fanshawe is Leap. It is a campus-linked accelerator located inside the school. It has space in the student unions building and is the main hub for organizing events and initiatives.

5. Small Business Centre

The Small Business Centre in London provides tools and resources that entrepreneurs need to evaluate their idea and decide if entrepreneurship is right for you. The Centre offers a full range of support services, including workshops, seminars, government programs, advisory assistance, and networking events.

There are many resources and organizations available for startups in London. We are proud to be part of this growing community as well.  We are looking to support startups in London. This support could range from mentorship to Able-One being a potential sales partner.  Please contact us if you are interested in talking.

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6 Organizations in the Waterloo-Region To Help Your Startup Grow


In November 2014, Able-One moved our head office from 100 Campbell Avenue to 127 Victoria Street South in the Innovation District of Kitchener, Ontario. When the team was considering location options for the new office, we couldn’t imagine leaving the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

This Kitchener-Waterloo region is a hub for Canadian technology companies and we wanted to continue to be part of the community. One of the best things about the community in Waterloo region is all the support available to help technology companies grow and succeed.

Here are 6 organizations in the Waterloo region that every startup and growing business should know about.


Communitech’s mantra is to help tech companies start, grow and succeed. They were founded in 1997 by a group of dedicated entrepreneurs who wanted to raise the profile of the Waterloo Region tech community. The Communitech Hub is just down the street from our office.

Communitech is a great rallying centre for the tech community on Waterloo Region. They have great events, spaces, programs, and entrepreneurs in residence that can help tech organizations as they grow. Their Tech Leadership conference ( in May is one of the best local events each year.

Accelerator Centre

The Accelerator Centre provides a combination of in-house mentorship, educational programming, facilities, networking, and access to funding and facility services, with a goal of building successful companies.  They help entrepreneurs start, scale, accelerate their time to market, and attract customers, investment and revenue. They are located in Waterloo, Ontario within the David Johnston Research + Technology Park, and at the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus in Stratford, Ontario. 


In 2008 the University of Waterloo created Velocity. The first Velocity program was a residence on campus. Since then, Velocity has grown into a set of six interlinked entrepreneurial initiatives: Velocity Residence, Velocity Garage, Velocity Alpha, Velocity Science, Velocity Foundry and the Velocity Fund Finals (VFF). Velocity’s commitment to education, idea sharing and the creation of support systems has allowed it to become a highly successful startup community, which contributed to the success of companies like Kik, Thalmic Labs, BufferBox, Vidyard and MappedIn.

Laurier Entrepreneur

At the heart of Laurier Entrepreneur is the Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship which is inspired by the vital role entrepreneurs play in society and driven by a desire to educate and create opportunities for students in the area of entrepreneurship. It provides support for the entire entrepreneurship community at Laurier and integrates entrepreneurship into the classroom. There are also Launchpad initiatives in KW and in Brantford.

Waterloo Region Manufacturing Innovation Network

The Waterloo Region Manufacturing Innovation Network (MIN) is a free online network for manufacturers in the Waterloo region and their stakeholders.  MIN’s mission is to connect key stakeholder groups in Waterloo region’s manufacturing sector to strengthen the local supply chain and create a more responsive and globally competitive manufacturing community. There are many great hardware organizations that are growing out of Waterloo region, not just software startups.

The Canadian Digital Media Network

The Canadian Digital Media Network is dedicated to establishing Canada as a world leader in digital media (ICT + mobile) by creating and enabling connections and collaboration between entrepreneurs, companies, research institutions, government and intermediary organizations across the country.

Major initiatives include an exclusive online national collaboration platform; an online Research Portal that provides one-stop access to important information about key digital media issues; the CDMN Soft Landing program to drive Canadian success globally; National Tour events enable companies to go global; and CDMN Canada 3.0, Canada’s only national digital media conference focused on the commercialization of innovation. 


If you are a startup in the KW area, we are interested in playing a role to help you grow.  We are always looking for new partners that have solutions for security, modernization, managed services, and other technology innovations.  Please contact us at if you are interested in talking. We may be able to offer some mentorship or even a path to market for your solution.

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